Dante's story

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When the funding for his day-care ended, his Mom had to quit her bookkeeping job to care for two-year old Dante. It is nice to have Mom there all day, but since she stopped working, the electricity has been off. "We're pretending we're pioneers," she says. Together they rush to get everything done before dark - but it is hard to play with no lights.

Lighting the Way

We Need The Community's Help.


Mom said softly "Sorry sweetie. I can't do anything about it... it is better to have no lights than no heat." The dry cereal they eat makes Dante's sore tooth throb. He hears his Mom cry at night. He feels sad. It was like someone had turned off the lights inside Dante.


Dante tugs at the sleeves of his sweater and blinks in the bright light of the Early Head Start room. He is happy to back at school and his mom is happy to be back at work.


Dante's dark eyes begin to adjust to the light. He sees toys! And other kids! A smile starts to form. What Dante doesn't yet know is that the Early Head Start dentist is coming today. She will find Dante's sore tooth - and the team will arrange for dental care.


Nice Miss Kristi is trained to recognize depression in children. So the same "family needs assessment" that creates a plan for his Mom's accounting classes also brings the mental health consultant, Ms. Cassidy. She talks quietly with Dante in a way that lifts his spirits.


Heartland Early Head Start is brightening the lives of Dante and his mom.

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In 1965 Heartland Head Start began supporting 60 children in McLean County. Over the course of 50 years, we've been consistent in fulfilling our mission and vision and have grown to serve 309 children and families in McLean and Livingston Counties.

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